June 28, 2010

Spring Travels: Part 3

I can't believe that it's been more time since Memorial Weekend than it is until our wedding day (does that make sense?). It feels like yesterday that Steve and I headed off to Montana for the long weekend to visit Steve's childhood friend, Andrew. Andrew's parents have a vacation home in beautiful Hamilton, Montana on the club property of Charles Schwab. It's hard to do justice to this place with words or photos--green pastures, jagged forests, the kinds of mountains that engulf you from all sides. Stunning.

It's always so nice to go on vacation with people you don't really know, and leave with new friends. That's how it felt with Andrew and his girlfriend, Jaclyn. Andrew's parents are also so hospitable and humble. They were all so fun, easy to talk to, and they made sure to plan our days around delicious meals (that's my favorite way to plan).

Andrew's parents have an incredible house. We each had our own room that echoed some piece of the rustic, country feel of Montana. The pool outside is dubbed "the pond" because it looks like a natural landform with its black bottom and waterfall. And of course, there was Boomer, who is probably in dog paradise when he comes to Montana.

On our last day together, we hiked the land surrounding the club and had a delicious lunch at the equestrian center. Again, the theme here was days planned around meals. And in true Montana style, I ate burgers or steak 3 out of the 4 days.

We were going to ride horses, but rain threatened, so our ride was canceled. Andrew's dad, Eff, said "We'll do it next time." I look forward to returning someday. :)

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