April 12, 2010

something I like: Books

Lately I've come across so many things I like, out there in blogland. Sometimes I'm so close to buying them, but I'm not a spontaneous shopper--I need time to think about my purchases. :)

Something I like #1: Hardcover Classics by Penguin

Have you seen these? I think they are so beautiful! I saw them awhile ago on a design blog, and recently spotted them at Anthro. My dream would be to fill a bookshelf with these bright colors and pretty designs.

{my top picks...for what's inside the cover at least}

See more pretty covers here and here.

April 4, 2010

Easter Joys

Michael B.

Michael Buble said that he is well aware of his reputation as a singer of chick music. And of course the ladies last night were going nuts for him! But the music was great (how often do you get to hear a full band?) and that guy can sing! He did a great job relating to the audience, telling jokes, and building up Seattle pride (he's from Vancouver, BC). You can tell he loves what he does and feels incredibly blessed. The energy was great, and you can't help feeling happy after singing and dancing to so many classic songs.

I wouldn't say most people I know are big Michael fans (ok, maybe a few--erin, michelle ;)) but I think he's one of the best. :)