June 7, 2010

Spring Travels: Part 2

This spring, Chris came. And even though it wasn't his first time in Seattle, Steve and I thought long and hard about where to take our wedding day officiant and great friend. Space Needle? Done it. The major parks? Been there. Breakfast at the 5 Spot? Been there, ate that. But a ferry ride had yet to be done, so we chose Whidbey Island. And it turned out to be a beautiful day.

These guys just make me laugh. They have been friends for years, and they just "get" each other, you know? Chris gets why Steve doesn't think about wearing his work socks, pulled up over his ankles with a pair of running shoes and casual shorts. He loves that naive side to my fiance too. Steve plays along with Chris' witty discourse, adding his own comments and inside jokes. I love to hang out with them. And after throwing bread at the seagulls on the ferry and taking in the sunshine on the deck, we headed to Fort Casey on Whidbey.

Unfortunately, I was really sick that weekend, and spent most of the time, curled up in my sweatshirt, on the grass, sleeping. I did pop up from time to time to find the guys still throwing the frisbee. They also hiked down to the beach and took naps on the grass themselves.

I'm really thankful for Chris. He knows a lot, and has insightful thoughts on God and faith. He also loves really deeply, which is kind of hard to explain except that you can just tells he cares about you. That's Chris! And he needs to come here more often.

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