March 26, 2012

22 Weeks

Is it just me, or does one suddenly become obsessed with stripes once becoming pregnant? I've spotted so many cute striped baby clothes, and even though stripes aren't the most flattering style, I've been loving them for myself too. Oh well, nothing wrong with being a little stripe happy I guess!

How far along? 22 weeks

Baby fact: I read somewhere that the baby's facial features are now distinct. It's amazing to think that we'll see that little face in a little more than 4 months!

Symptoms: Some aches, congestion, feeling more tired lately.

Movement: Off and on, but kicks feel stronger

Sleep: Just so-so. I think "pregnancy brain" (which I have--I was constantly confused about the day of the week last week) is a result of mediocre sleep.

Dreams: Lots of dreams about other people having babies (watch out!)

Cravings: Coffee again! It hadn't really sounded great until now.

Favorite moments: Receiving a sweet card from a student, addressed to "Baby Boy," that read "your mommy macks me happy."

On the to-do list: Choose a pediatrician (any suggestions?)

Looking forward to: Buying some baby gear, and registering soon

March 18, 2012

We're Having a...

And we're so excited! I was so sure that our baby was a girl that I wore a pink shirt to the ultrasound. But, nope, he's a healthy little boy. Here's his profile:
And here is his first pair of sweatpants. I have a feeling that if he's anything like his dad, he'll wear a lot of sweatpants and sweatshirts, so I thought I'd get a good start. :)
I had heard some women say that finding out the gender helps with bonding during pregnancy. It is definitely fun to start calling the baby a "he," but the best part is starting to feel movement in my belly. It's really happening--there is a live person in there!

Like other bloggers out there, I thought I'd document this journey with a little pregnancy journal entry from time to time. I hope these won't be too boring to read. I am sure I will love looking back on my thoughts after the baby comes!

How far along? 20 weeks, 6 days...half way there!
Baby fact: weighs around 3/4 of a pound
Symptoms: some heartburn, and a bit of an aching tailbone...but not too bad!
Movement: not all day long, but definitely every so often. The movements feel like little taps against my lower stomach. Steve was able to feel them last week!
Sleep: now that it's advised to be on my side, sleep's been more difficult (I'm a stomach/back sleeper). I've been waking up a few times each night. My friend Ginger gave me a great pregnancy pillow though. So far, so good.
Dreams: definitely more vivid. On the night before our ultrasound, I dreamt of an ultrasound snapshot of boy parts (I still didn't believe it was a boy though). It was like deja vu when we saw the same image at the appointment.
Cravings: still fruit, but lately peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
Favorite moments: seeing our baby on the ultrasound screen, watching Steve find out he's having a son, telling my students my news (some said "I knew it!"), talking with my grandpa Jack about his future great grandson
On the to-do list: research cribs, sign up for birthing classes
Looking forward to: more movement, an appointment next week, and the ongoing name search :)

March 11, 2012

Walk in the Park

Saturday walk in Green Lake Park.

March 10, 2012

10 on 10: March

Many more sets found here!

March 4, 2012

Are you a Boy or a Girl?

My favorite story that Steve tells about his childhood took place when he was in 7th grade on a trip to Disneyland. I won't spoil the story by typing it in my own words (he has really perfected the delivery), but it involves Steve spending some quality time by himself with the trip's bus driver. One of the scenes goes something like this:

Male bus driver (to Steve): So, what's your name anyway?
Steve (trying to sound macho): Steve.
Bus driver: Sheath??
Steve: No, Steve.
Bus driver: Well all right then Sheath. Sheath, you a boy or a girl?

Naturally, we've been repeating, "Baby, you a boy or a girl?" especially as we get further along in this pregnancy (almost 19 weeks!) and near our ultrasound date (tomorrow!). I've also been taking informal polls from whoever will offer an opinion on the gender of our baby. So far, my family thinks it's a boy, Steve's family thinks it's a girl, Steve thinks it's a boy, and I think it's a girl. I've heard mostly "girl" from friends and co-workers.

Just for fun, here's what old wives' tales say:
Carrying low (I think): boy
Last heartbeat rate=147: girl
Craving salt (Asian noodles) and sweet (pineapple): inconclusive
Chinese birth chart: boy
Ring trick: girl
No morning sickness: boy
Husband doesn't gain weight*: boy
*Not that any of these are good predictors of gender, but this one really isn't...especially for my marathon-training husband.

So, any last minute predictions? Blue or pink? (an apple is the 15th week fruit in case you were wondering) We go in for our big ultrasound tomorrow. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they will be able to tell. And I'm continuing to pray for a healthy baby (it is so easy to get caught up in worrying).

And finally, here are some belly photos that, I must admit, I've been a bit shy to share. I was inspired by another blogger who stood by a chalkboard each week and snapped a photo of her growing belly. My chalkboard is nowhere as pretty as hers, but it has already been fun to see the changes.

After the 13th week I got a little discouraged and stopped taking photos for awhile. Then, suddenly over mid-winter break, there it was--a real baby bump.
I almost changed the scene a bit to include our wire clothesline and mini chalkboards, but decided to stick with the original. As you can see, Steve has joined in the countdown too.
*Fake belly. Remember, this guy runs 50+ miles a week. I'll probably pass him in weight by the time this whole thing is through. ;)