November 13, 2013

30 and a Retreat

I really don't want to forget these days.  I have a very bad long-term memory, and I know that if I don't write things down, post my photos, recall the highlights, then my future self is doomed to forget my 30 year old life.  That would be a shame, because, since turning 30, there have already been some really great times.

My birthday weekend included all of my favorite things: family, messages from friends, good food, some relaxing, and an outing with a few girlfriends.  We took a ferry ride to Bainbridge Island (I had never been) with the goals of eating a good brunch and chasing some good photo opps (instead of our little ones).
The weather was both sunny and rainy, but when it started to get wet, we sat inside the boat and ate Mighty O donuts (brought by Paige--she knows me too well).
Once on the island, we walked to Cafe Nola.  We sat in the back, in a sun-drenched room, sipped coffee and mimosas, and ate breakfast--my absolute favorite meal.
On Saturdays, Bainbridge has a farmer's market, so we walked there next.  Then we perused a few shops and headed back toward the ferry.
It was beautiful.  Mckenzie captured the day behind her lens so well too.
Isn't Ginger lovely?  It was pretty windy on that ferry.
This group shot doesn't really capture just how windy it was on that deck while the ferry was moving.  But once we slowed down and headed into the city, blue skies and a gorgeous skyline awaited us.  There's nothing better than a clear day in Seattle.  It was just a few hours, but that little getaway was a perfect birthday adventure.

Then, just a few weeks ago, I joined most of our women's small group up in Anacortes for our self-proclaimed Ladies Retreat.  Paige's parents were incredibly gracious, and let us stay in their home for the weekend.  We split up the meals (Paige's pumpkin bread is pictured below), listened to music, prayed, and shared stories and inspirational thoughts.  
The house had the most beautiful view of the water and islands.  Again, we had some rain and wind, but it was cozy and quiet and calm.
We decided to do something crazy: go out to a nice dinner, order drinks, take a ridiculous amount of time reading through the menu, and order more desserts than we could ever possibly finish.  It was amazing!
On our last morning, we slept in (it was daylight savings!) and enjoyed another breakfast (Susan's biscuits are pictured below).  Then, we headed to the beach.  Right on cue, the sun came out to join us.
Paige and Tina were pretty happy to be at the beach. Although we could have all stayed there forever, I think we also missed our husbands and kids.
I had such a great time with these women, but more than that, I felt listened to and loved. In the middle of our busy lives, I'm thankful that we took some time away.  And I'm even more thankful for these friendships.

November 10, 2013

10 on 10: November

I only somewhat stuck to today's theme, A Full Harvest.  After a lazy morning, Miles's Seattle ABC book inspired a little trip down to Pike Place Market.  Weekends like these remind me how blessed I am to have Steve and Miles in my life.  Being a wife and mother is work, but it's rewarding work.

I'm loving the sets of the other participants of Ten on Ten.  There's a lot to be thankful for this season.

October 30, 2013

One Year Plus

It's been awhile since I've posted an update on our changing baby, turned toddler, Miles.  He's almost a new kid since his one year birthday.  I can't believe he'll soon be 15 months.  Suddenly our little guy is walking, almost running, climbing onto chairs, and doing the moonwalk (ok, not really, but he does shuffle backwards).  He points and uses a few baby signs.  We were so impressed when he picked up "more" and "please" that we gave him whatever he signed for--now to break that unrealistic expectation...

Miles has a handful of words that he uses, stringing them together into little nonsense phrases.  Mama, Dada, Nana, Lights!  Teeth, teeth, keys, lights!  He tells us when his food is hot (or even just warm) by saying "ha!" and points to shoes, keys, and balls and names them.  Miles loves animals and makes a woof sound when he sees dogs, and a little growl if he sees a picture of a lion, tiger, or bear.  I love watching Miles wave and say "buh buh" and "answer" his toy phone and say "haigh"(imagine a southern accent). I hear that the next few months are filled with language development, and I'm excited to watch him develop his own voice.
Miles spends part of his week with our nanny and another baby boy, and part of the week with me.  I am so thankful to spend more time with him at home.  On our days together we wake up and have breakfast, brush our teeth (his absolute favorite thing to do), and try on Dad's shoes (another favorite activity for Miles, not me).  We run errands, meet up with friends, and walk around the neighborhood.  My favorite activity is probably reading with Miles.  He loves to point to objects in the pictures, and I can tell that his little brain is learning so much.
And it's also exhausting.  I truly don't know which is harder work--teaching students all day, or raising one toddler at home.  How do mothers of multiple kids do it?  We've also entered the world of tantrums and whining.  Sometimes it's hard not to laugh when Miles rolls on the ground in protest.  Other times, I feel like crying too.  And if anyone has a tried and true method for keeping a toddler from throwing food on the floor, I'd love to hear it.
I really love this age though, and especially love my quality time with our little boy.