June 25, 2013

10 Months

10 months.  I think this may just be my favorite age.  I hear that parents say this all of the time, but I really think this age is so much fun.  So many things make Miles smile these days, and we've had a blast hanging out as a family.
There has been lots of swing time, now that Miles is more interested in the playgrounds at the parks.  In no time at all, he'll be shouting, "hey Mom, watch this!" hopping off the giant structures, or cruising across the monkey bars.  But until that time, I'm savoring our days singing and pushing our baby in the baby swing.

We have a lot of fun at home too.  Miles loves to chase us around the house (on all fours of course), and giggles when we hide around the corner from him.  He finds little things around him that become his favorites for the day (the broom, a travel size toothpaste, a marker, a Starbucks card) and he carries them around like best friends.  Miles still loves his blankie and recently discovered that he can push/slide it across the floor as if it were a magic carpet.  He dances to any fast paced music by frantically waving his arms. I think this age is my favorite because not only can Miles now entertain himself, but he's always entertaining us too!

We've seen the emergence of a few new facial expressions: the "what? I didn't do anything wrong face," (which is half smile, half about to cry) and a cheesy closed-eyes-grin that I still haven't been able to capture on camera.  But most of all, I love his sweet smile and gentle stare...and that blond hair too.
Oh, little buddy, I can't wait to spend these summer months with you!  You make me (and your dad) so happy!
On Father's Day, Miles dressed up and celebrated his dad, grandpas, and great grandpas, as well as his dedication to our church (more on that later). He looked like quite the little gentleman. 

June 10, 2013

10 on 10: June

A beautiful day in Seattle.  I'm not usually the biggest fan of Mondays, but this one included sunshine, family and baseball.

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