June 13, 2010

Showered with Showers

These two ladies are amazing. Jenny and Katie hosted the most beautiful shower for me a few weekends ago and it was such a great day. Everyone there agreed that they should go into the business of planning these events. The breakfast food was delicious, and Jenny's home was filled with cute details- some photos, a chalkboard with the words "going to the chapel" and handwritten labels.

It was so fun to have my mom and grandma there. I also have the sweetest friends, who brought gifts that I can use "around the clock" (I opened them in order of the assigned times)...plus I got to where this stunning veil.

The party even featured Trophy cupcakes. Delicious. Katie and Jenny I love you!! (and you're two of the most creative people I know) Thanks for the fun games, great food, and potted flower favors. Everybody loved them!

Saturday's shower was one of the three I was honored to attend that weekend. The next day, my mom's great friend, Creslyn, hosted a shower at her house. Many family members and family friends came. I don't have any pictures from the event, but someone should have definitely taken a photo of my face when Carolyn (one of my mom's friends), read off a list of "things Rachel will say on her wedding night," which is really just a dictation of what I said while opening presents (ahhh, such a classic game). There was great food, tasty sangria, and good conversation. I felt so thankful, flattered, LOVED...
Really. I went to bed on Sunday night smiling. :)

The next day was a teacher work day, and the staff at my school held a shower for me and Megan (the other summer bride). :) Again, I felt spoiled and honored by their attendance, gifts, and kind words. Oh, and we each received our own batch of cookie dough in addition to cake--they know us too well.

Truly, I am one lucky girl. :)

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