July 27, 2013

11 Months and Miles and His Friends

Miles is almost a year old.  This month's photo makes me laugh.  He has a funny little expression and a patriotic ball.  This was the best I could do after 15 minutes of desperately trying to get him to sit still.  He's not walking yet, but this is really a daily occurrence.  As always, things are always changing and Miles occasionally stands on his own, now eats many more foods, and babbles and laughs to himself every day.
Miles has met many great people in his 11 months of life so far.  He is lucky to have one grandma and two great grandparents nearby, as well as aunts, uncles, and grandparents who visit from New York and California.  And now that our small group includes many babies and toddlers, friends aren't hard to find. :)  Steve's sister, Marie, came to visit last June, and Miles loved her right away.
Last June also marked the 1st birthday of one of Miles's friends, Anna.  She and her big sister Greta, are as sweet as they come.
Best buddy, Silas, was also in attendance.
The same weekend, Steve's parents arrived, and spent a week taking care of Miles while Steve and I worked.  
We also celebrated Father's Day and Miles's dedication to our church, alongside other babies from the small group.
We ran into beautiful little Elliot Ann, who was getting ready to be dedicated at the following service, with three of her cousins.
And just this last week we got together with friends for a summer BBQ (one of my favorite things).  Miles enjoyed some zucchini bread while his buddies played with toys and dipped in the kiddie pool.
There is no shortage of cute little girls in Miles's circle of friends.  Abigail and Julianne are only weeks apart and so fun to watch as they grow.
Summertime is so great with beautiful weather and friends to share it with.  Here's to many more fun summer days.

July 10, 2013

10 on 10: July

We've all been feeling under the weather in this house, but we still managed to get out to celebrate our third anniversary.  It was my first time at Essex and Delancey.  I will definitely be back!

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