June 7, 2010

Spring Travels: Part 1

I cannot believe it's already June. Where has the time gone? Spring has been really busy, especially with traveling. In the past few months I've been to London and back (quite a miracle), spent some quality time in some beloved cities (Sea-town and Sammam) and relaxed in Hood Canal and Montana. I feel very lucky.

Our trip to London to visit my sister, Robin, almost didn't happen. But there's something you ought to know about Ronda Erlandson--that lady doesn't give up! While the volcano spewed smoke and ash, we were hopping from airport to airport pushing (and sometimes arguing) our way to London. We made it! But first, we spent a few days in New York, hoping to wait out all the smoke. Luckily, there were things to do. And we have peeps in NYC. :)

{spontaneous nicknames on a theater wall}

After the Big Apple, we visited the airports of Barcelona, Paris, and then...finally...London, where our dear little bird was waiting. :) I didn't expect London to be so beautiful.

What a blessing to get a glimpse into my sister's life in England. She is doing great, and I'm really proud of her for working so hard and adjusting to a new place. I guess you could say she's really found her wings (I know, I know...), and it won't be long before she flies on back home. ;)

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