August 7, 2009

Steve is 28 Today!

Happy Birthday Stephen J! Here are the Top 6 Reasons why I think you're so great and a good reason to celebrate:

1) You're an athlete.
An amazing one at that.
Always swimming, running, eating right
Keepin' off the fat

2) You are so very funny.
Well, at least I think you are
You make me laugh at the things you do
Although at times bizarre...

3) You get along with my family
In fact, I'd say you're pals
Even when it's not easy
Putting up with the Erlandson gals!

4) You have a giant heart
And you know you're here to help
You give your time and resources
Never thinking of yourself

5) You're also very cool
At least you try to be
But you don't have to try that hard
When you're with someone as cool as me ;)

6) And finally, you're supportive
And I am thankful every day
That I have you beside me
And that God made you just this way!

Hope your birthday is a great one!

August 1, 2009

Summer Root Beer

With all this hot weather, I've had my share of popsicles and lemonade, but yesterday I was just craving a cold, refreshing root beer.  This was the only "twist-off" root beer I could find in the store, so I went with the low cal, even though I suspected it wouldn't be as good.  Wrong!  This puppy was delicious!  It only has 20 calories (compared to 160 for regular root beer) and 0 grams of sugar (compared to 40)!!  I couldn't stop talking about how good it tasted, and I vowed to Steve that I'd write about it to share the good news. :)