July 1, 2011

Summer Music Videos

After a few weeks off from work, I can say that I'm indeed rested and relaxed. Things were a bit bumpy this week after I cut myself with a sharp knife (it's already almost healed) and was the first person on the scene of a bicycle motorcycle crash (they're ok too). There's been a lot of "me time," a few projects, and a few experiments in the kitchen. I've been listening to a lot of music too, and these three songs have been on a loop on my playlist.

Brooke Fraser's "CS Lewis song" has been a part of my new morning routine, which is an effort to "have coffee with God." The lyrics are perfect for beginning a new day.

the Head and the Heart is a Seattle band that I've heard a lot of on the radio. I love this song, but the video is a bit chilly. Thank goodness it's July.

Finally, I came across Rabbit! and have been listening to their fun album Connect the Dots, all week. To me, this is a perfect summer-time tune.
How did I miss this video too? So 90s. :)


  1. Thanks for these recommendations Rachel! Glad to hear you're enjoying your free time. :)

  2. I adore CS Lewis by Brooke Fraser! Your blog is wonderful and I really enjoy it. :) xo-Kayla