July 31, 2011

A Morning Picnic

Its been about two weeks since I've spent some quality time with Steve. He's been on the east coast for his family's vacation while I've been here, spending time with my grandpa (he is making a slow recovery, but we are thankful, and especially thankful for your prayers!).

The last time that Steve and I shared a meal at home was this breakfast picnic. I was inspired by Rebekah's monthly project, Dinner at Eight, and thought I'd try a breakfast date (my favorite meal). The menu was very simple: whole wheat pancakes with strawberries and honey, grapes, and some good coffee. These pancakes are pretty plain, but with strawberries and honey (I also added some vanilla to the mix) they are just sweet enough. I don't know why, but they also taste better when they are mini pancakes, made in a silver dollar pancake pan. ;)

While Steve was on a run, I set up a little picnic on our living room floor. I spread out our wedding quilt, (beautifully made by Katie and Jenny), a few pillows and a picnic basket and crate for tables.

I had been looking forward to using my chalkboard coasters for a long time--I'm on a real chalkboard kick these days. Also on the breakfast tray were a few mason jars with napkins and wooden silverware as well as some flowers (leftover from a baby shower).

When Steve returned from his run, he was pretty shocked to see everything set up on the living room floor. And to be honest, I was pretty shocked that he cared so much! I think he could sense that I had taken the time to make this a special morning. So, we sat down together on the blanket and enjoyed our breakfast before Steve had to get ready for work. It felt like such a treat to make time together before starting the day.

Although we don't have kids yet, we definitely find ourselves immersed in our computers way too often. On this morning we made sure to put those babies away.

I can't wait until our next date night, or morning, or maybe a lunch. This project is full of my favorite things: creativity, food, and some quality time with the guy I love.



  1. Rachel I am in love this picnic date is absolutely adorable and so sweet. I am so glad you guys got a little time together - isn't it so fun to see how excited the guys really do get when you make it special I love that :). I have such a big smile right now taking in your creativity and love for Steve!!!

    continued prayers for your Grandpa too! xo

  2. so wonderful! Looks like a lovely morning date and I love all your chalkboards!

  3. really great! loving all the chalkboard too.

    and did you say you did this all BEFORE he went to work? What time are we talking about? ;)

  4. So sweet! I love it. I love breakfast, too. I'd love to pull off a breakfast date one of these days. Hmmmm... Gotta think about that.

    p.s. I have the same awesome yellow rose pillow. Love!

  5. That is so darn sweet - thank you for the inspiration!

  6. How lovely! Popping over from Rebekah's blog! Adding your feed to my daily reads!!

  7. We are often too immersed in our computers too. It's important to put them away, isn't it? Kelly