August 31, 2010

Here Comes the Bus!'s the first day of school tomorrow!

I can't remember many "first days" from elementary school (although I do remember anxiously riding my bike over to school to check out the posted class lists!).

I have a tradition that I finally broke a few years back. I have slept through my alarm on the first day of school 4 times. That has to be a record. I am determined to keep the streak broken.

What are your first day of school memories? Did you feel excited, nervous, sad to go back?


  1. Scariest / most awkward first day of school would be 6th grade for sure. Brand new school district, didn't know anyone, and I was determined to be a cool kid. I wore the sweetest shorts I owned - a neon pink (early 90's) bathing suit. I was so nervous when we got there that my mom walked me to class. Nothing makes a better first impression than the new kid wearing a pink bathing suit and his mom walking him to class.

    In elementary school it seemed like my grandmother Kiki was always visiting us at that time of year. It was very important to her that we look nice. She said we could wear whatever we wanted the rest of the year, but on the first day of school we had to wear nice clothes. This meant polo shirts and khaki's, and she took a going out the door picture every year. We also had to have good hygiene which meant combing our hair, washing our face, and other stuff that wasn't part of our regular routine.

  2. my mom always took a picture of me in the same place on the first day of school...k-8 i wore a uniform...i love looking back at those pictures!

    good luck rachel...i hope the kids like you! ;)