August 9, 2010

A baby shower and a birthday

Last weekend I had the pleasure of joining a bunch of great women in hosting a baby shower for our friend, Tina. This was the first gathering we've hosted at our new house, and it was so fun! Maybe it's because I'm still relatively new to showers, but I just love them. I love celebrating big life moments with friends.

One thing I expected was a bit of confusion regarding the address/entrance to our house, and there were a couple guests that knocked on landlord Bill's door. But with a few balloons and Paige's chalk artwork, most made it there on the first try. ;)

Our shower "theme" was based on Tina's love of nature, with a touch of femininity (no hot pink and princesses for this mom-to-be). I love how the flowers came together: baby's breath, hydrangeas from Ginger and Paige's yards, wood rounds and mason jars.

We borrowed the idea of the "wishing tree," which also served as a guest book. For favors, everyone took home a cd in a recycled kraft paper sleeve. :)

One thing is for sure, the small group women can cook (I am learning from them). We had 3 different quiches, fruit, homemade granola and yogurt (Tina's own recipe), raspberry punch, and cupcakes.

After eating, Tina opened her gifts and we guessed "who's who" in the baby photo game. Paige AND Tessa both scored 100%! I got one photo right-- myself.

We are all so excited for Tina and Steve's little girl to come into the world! Just like her mom and dad, she is bound to be an amazing runner someday. Congratulations Tina!!

Oh, and did I mention that it was my dear husband's birthday on Saturday too? He really is the best for letting me have the shower at our house on his day. Good thing there were a few leftover cupcakes when he returned. :)

Happy happy birthday Steve. I love you so much!


  1. Good job on the shower. This makes me want to get a bunch of new vases! :)

  2. Beautiful baby shower. Loved the nature theme. These flowers are looking adorable. Would love to try this theme for my baby shower too that is going to take place at one of Seattle venues. Thanks for sharing this post.