October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween...

...from Flash and Kangaroo (aka Will and Leila). My friend Jenni's two little kids were happy to put on their Halloween costumes a bit early last week. And I was happy to take photos of them while we spent the weekend together in Cle Elum.

Flash is pretty fast. But so are kangaroos.

My other friend Jenny gave me this beautiful thrifted afghan for my birthday. I'm loving the mix of colors.

It was so fun hanging out with you and your kids, Jenni. And thanks for keeping them interested with just a few M&Ms. ;)


  1. These are great! Good job catching the energy of the kids!

  2. Thank you Jocelyn and thanks Tracie!

  3. Wow Rach I am impressed!! You caught their expressions and the scenery backround so well. Keep doing what you love!