October 18, 2011

Autumn Colors Week

It's autumn colors week at Poppytalk so I thought I'd take the opportunity to scan my photo collection for tomorrow's color: orange. When I think of orange, I think of my friend Aubree. In high school she collected everything orange: orange socks, orange shoes, orange Old Navy performance fleece vests (who didn't have a few of those?).

Yesterday, it was yellow, so I added a few yellow photos the growing Flickr pool. Yellow reminds me of my friend Mckenzie. I think it's her favorite color, but it's also the color she would be if she were a color. Bright, happy and fun. :)


  1. awe, thanks rach. :) i do love yellow. and i still always think of aubree and her all-things-orange phase.

    great pics btw!

  2. Oh my goodness what kind of tree branch is that? I'm swooning with love for that picture.

  3. love these colorful shots rachel! you've got an eye for beauty.