February 9, 2010

Push Ups: Halfway

This is what you get after 3 weeks of some serious push ups: one measly bicep (the left one was not worth sharing).  Not sure it's worth it.  Let's just say that this program has not quite become my best friend.  Mostly because it's hard. I cringe when, on one of the workout days, Steve looks at me and says, "push ups tonight." Usually I fight back with an excuse (oh, I ran today...too tired!) or a distraction (take a look at this YouTube clip!).  But somehow, I always end up in plank position, arms shaking, counting down the seconds til I'm done.

But there are 3 more weeks to go.  And I can do it.  Steve is doing the plan too (he's on the harder pathway) so he holds me accountable.  I'm also feeling some muscle building in my shoulders (not sure if that's a good thing).  

I'd kind of be content to just stop here and congratulate myself for coming this far (I did 88 push ups tonight with 2 minutes rest in between each set!), BUT I'm going to keep going.  At least until my left bicep can catch up.


  1. you're awesome and your guns look fierce- go rachel, go! i am so impressed!

  2. i don't know what you're talking about...you look buff! but not too buff, you know?

  3. That bicep has got some serious tone. You're lookin' good. Keep it up!