February 19, 2010

A February Stay-cation

This is pretty much how I have been feeling all week--happy to be on a break from work and basking in the mid-winter sun!  My "stay-cation" started with a fun Valentine's weekend.  My gift was a bright red water bottle that doubles as daily inspiration.  
This week was also great for sleeping in, drinking double tall lattes, and hanging out with some friends.  Isn't this little guy handsome?  Thanks Katie and Jenny for letting me play with Isaiah and Wes (who was napping during this little photoshoot)!
I am sad that my mid-winter break is coming to an end.  But I'm thankful for the time to rest and recharge... and especially for the sun and clear skies!  Maybe this is a sign that spring is on its way?
{view from my mom's house}



  1. you got some cute ones of Isaiah-- I'll have to get those from you. It was fun to see you-- you are always a joy to be around and are so great with the boys.

    love you!

  2. i can't believe what a little man Isaiah is- those boys are growing so quickly! great pictures, as always!