February 7, 2010

Our Small Group

Who are these fun people?  Patrick, Paige, and Tina are just three of the great folks that make up our small group.  Steve and I have had the pleasure of getting to know these guys over the past few months.  We are thankful that we can spend Thursday evenings with this group of couples, studying God's word and sharing life. 

 Steve first met one of the group's members, another guy named Steve, at Bethany's Men's Retreat last year.  The similarities were pretty funny.  Steve D. is also a runner (a really good one too!), and ran cross country in college at Western.  He is married to Tina, who he also met on the cross country team.  Their anniversary is July 10th--our wedding date too!  Patrick and Paige, Josh and Ginger, Stephen and Susan, and Andrew and Tessa complete the group. :)

A few weeks ago, we went to Ozzie's in Queen Anne for some karaoke, and to celebrate Steve D.'s birthday.  These guys rocked!  I wish I had had the guts...  At least Steve-o represented with "Gangsta's Paradise"

{Steve D., Steve T., Josh, and Paige--only girl with guts :)}

Then, last week most of the group headed to "Seattle Helping Haiti," an awesome benefit concert and auction at the Moore Theater
We're learning a lot about married life from these guys too.  Hey small group, thanks for being so fun and supportive! 

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