July 10, 2014

10 on 10: July

This month we are essentially staying at my mom's house while our kitchen is being remodeled.  It's been a blessing for sure--Miles loves his Nana.  But today was also one of those days--full of tantrums and exhaustion (so I thought, why not capture it too?).  We are lucky to have our friend, Lizzy, in town and just around the corner though.  Hopping in to little Fin's 2nd birthday celebration was certainly a light at the end of the day. :)  Happy 10th everybody!


  1. happy tenth to you too Rachel - I always just adore your sets every single month! Love this one and the desire to capture the ups and downs I know how much you will cherish looking back on these months as an expectant mom, living with your folks, raising the sweetest boy…it's so full and exhausting isn't it and so worth it to document too - you're an incredible woman, so inspiring and beautiful thank you for sharing your life in this space it's such a gift!! hang in there I can't wait to see your new kitchen in photos and of course that little girl :)

  2. What a lovely capture of that sweet hug!