June 22, 2014

Pregnancy This Time

Sometimes I wonder how I haven't yet documented this pregnancy, but then I see photos like this. This little guy keeps me busy.  But, wow, I'm really at 32 weeks already!

It is also true that pregnancy seems to go by a little faster the second time.  At times I truly forget that I'm pregnant (not as much these days though).  This first bump shot was around 22 weeks, not too long after we found out that we're having a girl. 
We were pretty excited to find out that Miles will have a little sister.  Steve and I both had a feeling she was a girl, but would have also loved the idea of brothers.  Of course, now that we're getting closer, we're all pretty thrilled to have a little girl join our family.
It wasn't until recently that Miles started to seem to understand what we mean when we talk about the baby.  He now points to my belly and says "baby" and sometimes "sister."  We point out other young babies to him, and although he doesn't show a great interest in them, we're hoping that he will find his own little sister more intriguing.
This pregnancy has been different in some ways.  At the beginning, I felt a little sick throughout the day, especially when I had little food in my stomach.  Gatorade and hard candies helped, and thankfully, I never really got sick to my stomach.  It was just a little more "blah" than I had felt with Miles.  I was also very tired.  Those waves of fatigue are tough, especially when watching an energetic toddler.  Frequent bloody noses returned (I had these with my first pregnancy too), and I finally decided to get my nose cauterized (it would be the third time in my life).  Not a fun experience at all, but it's been worth it!

I had pretty vivid dreams and craved ice cream, Asian noodles, and other sweets (Talenti gelato bars are my favorite).  These were the same things that sounded good to me when I was pregnant with Miles, and, if I'm honest, sound good to me pretty much all of the time. :)

Just like they say, the second trimester was the best.  I started to feel better, had more energy, and loved feeling the baby move more.  I noticed that she rolled and kicked the most when I would lie down at night, and I started to look forward to this "time alone" with her.  While lying in bed, I imagine what she'll look like, how she'll be the same or different than Miles, and what it will be like to have a daughter.  
When we went down to Santa Barbara last May, I had Steve snap another bump shot at the beach.  It was fun to compare this one to a very similar shot in Hawaii, about two years ago.  I was around 25 weeks in each of these.

Ah yes, and then there's the third trimester.  This was a few weeks ago, at 30 weeks.  I just look tired.  And that's pretty much how I sum up how I'm feeling when people ask me: good! But tired.  Overall, I have nothing major to complain about, but since this is a chance to document (and I want to be honest, right?), my tailbone and lower back hurt, and it takes a lot more effort to carry myself and the extra weight around.  Now that summer is here, I am looking forward to starting a new plan--one that includes lots of walking, yoga, and massage (hey, my doctor gave me a prescription).  

I'm also hoping to have a little time to rearrange Miles's room, and eventually turn it in to a space that he can share with his sister.  It will be a little while until baby girl sleeps in her own crib, but I'm having fun thinking of ways to keep the room mostly neutral, with a little bit of pink thrown in.   I'd call my inspiration "geometric." :) 

dip-dyed stool  // acid etched letter (M for Miles + another)  // black plus sheet //  pink chevron sheet // Love X type print //  artecnica themis prism mobile // colette the cat // crib (for baby) // mur mini triangles decals // cushion // crib/toddler bed (for Miles) // quilt made by katie // mint kaleido tray

So, the countdown is on.  A little less than 2 months to go.  On my to-do list: packing up the kitchen for a remodel in a week or so, and beginning to organize/store baby clothes.  Here's to a productive, fun, hopefully-relaxing-at-times summer!

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