January 8, 2014

Thirteen Photos from Twenty-Thirteen

(1) going back to work, but cherishing Fridays at home, (2) a special buddy who shares a birth month, (3) milestones for Miles: eating solid food, (4) a vacation in Hawaii, (5) Father's Day and Miles's dedication, (6) time with Nana, (7) a Trudelle wedding, (8) sunny summer, (9) Miles turns 1, (10) small group camping trip, (11) a visit from good friends, (12) old man Miles, (13) joy at Christmas time

This year has flown by, and if I could summarize it with one word, it would be "grateful."  These photos from 2013 are reminders that this year has been full.  It hasn't been the easiest, but God always fills in the cracks with love and joy.

photos from 2012 // photos from 2011

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