January 3, 2014

December 2013

I'm finally sitting down to post about life lately, and at the same time, reluctantly accepting that the holidays have come and gone.  As much as I dread the end of this season, I'm filled with gratitude as I reflect back on the month. December is magical with an almost one-and-a-half year old, and I have heard that it even gets better.  While Miles isn't old enough to truly understand the Christmas story, or Santa, or our family traditions, I think this month was his favorite so far.
We took Miles downtown to ride on a carousel, which he didn't love at first, but soon started to enjoy.  Probably his favorite event, however, was a trip to see the WildLights at Woodland Park Zoo.  I wish I had photos to document how happy he was to see the displays.  Looking back, we were probably a bit irresponsible to let him run down the crowded path, head tilted back, laughing out loud as the lights swirled around him.  His favorite word these days is "ights!" and the Christmas tree still gets him each morning.  It's going to be tough to take that thing down (I don't want the holidays to end either).
You wouldn't know it from the photo below, but Miles loves Santa.  At least the idea of him.  We prepped Miles for the big photo op by showing him pictures and teaching him "ho ho ho."  When he saw Santa in person, he tried to walk right up to him, but there was a long line, which turned into an hour wait.  By the time we reached the front, Miles was distracted by a wet floor sign (a strange obsession these days) and didn't want to pause to sit on Santa's lap.  Twas the Night Before Christmas is Miles's most requested book and we read it 5 times today alone (no, we will not let the holidays end).
Then, a few days before Christmas, it snowed in Seattle.  It was enough to delay school, but the white stuff only stayed for a few hours before the rain melted it away.  It was fun while it lasted!
The week of Christmas was filled with family events.  My mom bought our group tickets for the Christmas Ship, which left from Kirkland and toured Lake Washington.  It was a surprisingly clear night and although it was somewhat difficult to contain an adventurous toddler on a boat, we had a great time.  The next day, Christmas eve, we went to an afternoon church service and then to dinner at my grandparents' house.  As always, the food was delicious. 
And then there was Christmas morning.  Miles received a wagon, filled with a few things that we knew he would love.  It's tough to say whether he liked the toy vacuum or wagon itself the best.  He just went in and out of the wagon, over and over again (hopping right in, even without his diaper).
Miles spent some quality time with his Aunt Robin and Uncle Josh. We wish they lived here all year long.

And "Captain" Ron was kind enough to take him out in the wagon in the fog.
We opened gifts, ate more food, relaxed, and put together a puzzle.  It was a great day.
Inspired by a touching holiday commercial (did anyone else cry, watching this?), I put together a short video of our time together as a family this Christmas.  Merry Christmas to you (may it never end). 


  1. But ultimately our favorite Christmas event was brunch with our friends Christmas Eve morning. Delightful.

  2. Loved the pics and video Rachel! Beautiful, as always :)