May 13, 2012

Tina's Shower

A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of throwing a baby shower for Tina, who is expecting her second little girl in less than a month.  We decided on a button/handmade theme, but mostly filled Ginger's house with some of our favorite things: burlap, flowers, mason jars, and paper straws.  It was a beautiful sunny, Seattle day.
We enjoyed lemonade, quiche, a pear tart, fruit, cupcakes (with fondant buttons) and Oreo "pops," made by Ginger.
Ginger and little Julianne were such gracious hosts. :)  We spent most of the time eating, watching Tina open gifts, and decorating onesies (which is becoming a tradition at these showers).
Tina's sister, niece and mom were able to join us.  And guests took home crocheted coasters (inspired by favors I received at a friend's birthday party) :)
This is such an exciting time for the ladies in our small group.  Three babies on the way this summer!  Here we are in the classic holding our bellies pose. :)
We love you Tina, and can't wait to meet Baby Girl Dekoker.


  1. You guys are really getting good at throwing showers! Good thing there has been a lot of practice...cause there's a couple more in the works, I'm sure!

    I feel so honored to be your coaster inspiration too ;)

    You look beautiful rachel!

  2. Ok, that is the best shower I have ever seen! Ever thing looks perfect :) I love the way you decorated the onesies... way cuter than with puff paint!

  3. If I ever throw myself a large/small party, or have a nice wedding, I am hiring you for catering and decorating. Seriously. Everything looks clean and professional yet homey and charming at the same time.