February 26, 2012

A Nacho Libre Valentine's

My Valentine's Day gift for Steve this year was one of his all-time favorite movies, Nacho Libre. Oh you've never heard of it? Or maybe you have, but you're still wondering how it could be someone's favorite movie? I sort of did too. But Steve often walks around the house quoting the movie, impersonating Jack Black, and I have to admit, it's kind of grown on me.

So when I started thinking about what to do for Valentine's Day, a Nacho Libre themed dinner seemed perfect. There was also a bit of an "xo" theme too, inspired by this quotable scene from the movie.
For decorations, I found some cheap mini red lights and punched them through some cardboard to make a glowing "XO" sign. Other than that, I collected a few air plants, succulents, candles, punched some glittery confetti, and printed some of Steve's favorite quotes to place around the table.

In the movie Nacho asks Chancho if he can borrow some sweats to make a wrestling uniform. So, of course, we wore sweats to dinner.
The menu was pretty simple: jalapeƱo and lime marinated kale tostadas (I've made this a bunch lately) and cornbread. No, cornbread didn't really go with the meal at all, except that I had to incorporate one of Steve's favorite quotes somehow.

The best part was Steve's surprise when he walked into the kitchen (he had been working in the living room and had no idea I was setting it all up). After dinner we watched the movie and ate chili dark chocolate. I'm already thinking about other movies that would make good themed dinners. Any ideas? What's your favorite movie?


  1. this is sooo cute! i love it. Thanks for sharing for us to see :)

  2. what? no nachos? so awesome Rachel...I'm especially blown away by that air plant photo with the xo in the background, really stunning!

  3. This is too cute. My hubby loves to quote Nacho Libre all the time as well! I bet Steve got such a kick out of this...great job at making the night special for him!

  4. love it! best of the dinner at 8 posts this month :)