February 29, 2012

February Photos

*I did not make this cake. I realized I needed to make this clear when I showed Steve my post and he exclaimed, "When did you make that?!"

It's the last day of February! I have always loved this month. Valentine's Day is one of my favorite holidays (even though I sort of dislike similar days like New Years and 4th of July). Many of my closest friends and family members have birthdays in and around February, and with each day, the mornings get a tiny bit brighter, the days a little bit longer. Inspired by another blogger's Friday Phone Dump series, I thought I'd post my favorite February photos.

We celebrated our dear friend Mckenzie's birthday with a beautiful brunch on February 4th.

I love her. And so does her man. :)

The rest of the month's photos came mostly from my new phone. I love how easy it is to capture life's moments.

There have been some stressful times this month, but looking back at these photos serves as a reminder that life is really really great. I'm very blessed.

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  1. i know i'm biased, but i really love this post. :) can you email me that pic of me and michael? i'm not quite sure what he's doing in it, but it makes me smile. love you friend!