September 5, 2011

Summer Flashback: Susan's Shower and a Miracle

Last July we celebrated our friend, Susan, and her future baby girl, by throwing her a "French Picnic" themed shower. Once again, the shower was a team effort, and it was so much fun to decorate my house and fill it with delicious breakfast treats.

We sipped mimosas and sparkling water in mason jars, which had been filled with all of the utensils needed for a picnic on my living room floor. The menu also included French pastries, baguettes, butter, and cheese, cupcakes, berries and quiche.

I made some fabric streamers and Paige contributed her doily bunting. We relied on Tessa's knowledge of French to label the food and fill the chalkboard with family words.

We also added to her baby's wardrobe, and decorated another round of little onesies. I wish I had taken more pictures of them--they were so cute! The outfit pictured above ended up being the clothes that Susan's daughter wore when she came home from the hospital.

While Susan opened gifts we played baby shower bingo, I mean, BINGO Le Bebe.

We asked guests to write a short message for Susan and Stephen, and they received some very sweet notes. We also showed off Susan's beauty by hanging photos of her on the clothesline.

Everybody took home small bags filled with French macarons. I picked these little guys up at my favorite coffee shop and put them in bags, stamped with a "merci."

It was our pleasure to honor Susan on that day. Less than two weeks later, her baby girl, Abigail, was born. This little family has gone through so much since that day. Abigail became sick when she was only a few days old, and has been in the hospital for weeks. When I wrote to ask for prayers, we all knew that Abigail needed a miracle. I'm not sure exactly when or how, but God gave this family a miracle. Abigail has recently "graduated" to the regular hospital floor (out of the NICU) and her body is working its way back to health. It is amazing to see this little girl and know that she will grow up and be such an inspiration to her friends and family.

When we talk about Abigail now, we also talk about the incredible power of prayer. Today, while discussing this with my friend Ginger (a new mother herself), I couldn't help marveling at the progress Abigail has made. "I just don't know how she could overcome all of that," I said. Ginger's response was so true--something I already knew, and have always known, deep in my heart. "With God. That's how."


  1. What a beautiful shower!! Makes me want to plan one.

  2. I recently came by your blog from your link on Rebekah's photo projects. Love your pictures and your blog. Normally I don't comment, but today I felt compelled. A cousin had a boy two days ago who was immediately admitted to nicu. And just today they flew him out to Children's. We've been holding onto prayer both for the family and also for our own comfort. Your story of Abigail was just the thing I needed to read today.

  3. Oh Jaime thank you for sharing--I will pray right now for your cousin's sweet little boy! Sending good thoughts your way...

  4. Rachel, so happy to hear the good news about Baby Abigail!

  5. i totally missed this post! what an absolutely gorgeous and thoughtful shower Rachel.

    and that is such good news about Abigail...I have been thinking about her.