June 6, 2011

Small Group Trip

I had been looking forward to this year's Memorial Day Weekend for a really long time. This was our second time to Tessa and Andrew's family home on the Hood Canal. They graciously hosted our Bethany small group for what would be a pretty perfect weekend.

After work on Friday, we packed up our slippers, sweats, food for our designated meals, and headed to the Canal. On Saturday morning we filled our coffee cups and sat in one of the best places in the house--the large sitting room with huge windows that let the light spill in.

After breakfast we headed to the beach. Josh shucked oysters and we introduced baby Greta to baby crabs.

It was so fun to have the first baby of the group on the trip with us. Greta fits right in. :)

There was also a lot of wiffleball on Saturday. I tried out Jenny and Jeff's zoom lens (thanks for letting me borrow it guys) and had a great time capturing our days in the sun.

Each couple was assigned one meal to make. We also had a guys-make-dinner-night as well as a night where the girls were in charge. This is the way to go. Each meal is so carefully prepared and is bound to feature someone's favorite recipe.

There were so many highlights, funny moments, great conversations, and lots of playing with the baby time. On our last night we built a bonfire on the beach. Thank goodness Steve brought his headlamp.

Here is a little highlight video of our time at the Canal. :)


  1. Rachel,
    You're so great at documenting these wonderful trips- I love reading about them and watching the videos and I know that years from now, it will be fun to watch them again. I wish I'd documented past events more thoroughly!

  2. Thanks Jocelyn! When are you coming to visit Seattle? I'll shoot some video if you come! ;)

  3. Hi Rachel, We're planning a trip for August- I'll keep you posted on dates :)