June 30, 2011

California in May: part two

Part two of California in May was our trip to Malibu for Lindsey and Tyler's wedding. Lindsey is Robin's best friend and college roommate. They are pretty cute together (Lindsey and Tyler and Lindsey and Robin) so we couldn't miss this event!

Lindsey and Tyler's wedding was the kind of wedding that makes you smile. Not because every single detail was planned perfectly (although it was) but because it really felt personal and sincere.

Oh yeah, and the location was amazing! The Adamson House is right on the water, and the ceremony took place under a huge beautiful tree. Lindsey walked down the aisle with stems of calla lilies that her mom and bridesmaids had each placed in a vase on their way down the aisle.

Throughout the night we danced to some cool songs (no YMCA for this couple!) and ate some amazing food and treats. I may have gone overboard with taking photos of these two, but they were just too photogenic.

Robin gave a speech. And it was funny! (she's always been the funny one, but I think I'm catching up)

I loved the lights, the mason jars, the succulents and the dark wood tables. Gah! So pretty.

Linds and Ty are a bit crazy. In a good way. I'm not sure what the story is, but I guess it's not a party unless Ty takes off his shirt? Well it happened. It was a party.

Congratulations Lindsey and Tyler!

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  1. Love the photo of the candles & mason jars. Gorgeous!