July 22, 2010

Side by Side

Taking photos on your honeymoon is kind of a funny thing. There are 2 photographers--you and your spouse--and sometimes 3 if you ask another nice tourist, "will you take a picture of us?" So you end up with a bunch of photos of the scenery, shots of him in front of the mountain, and her in front of the statue. Still, it's fun to do. I had a lot of fun putting together these side by side shots of our honeymoon. Just a glimpse into our awesome trip!


  1. That is pretty hilarious. I don't think I'm in a single picture from our honeymoon, but I have lots of Bryan. Did you plan the shots as you took them, or did they just happen to double up perfectly?

  2. you guys are cute...whistler looked so sunny! that makes me excited for our trip.

    got any good whistler tips?