July 18, 2010

The End of the 'Moon

Our perfect honeymoon week is almost over, and I can't believe it! What an amazing few weeks we've had. Of course there are many more photos, and fun moments that Steve and I experienced in our first week as Mr. and Mrs. Trudelle. I'm excited to share. :)

But for now, I'm sitting in our little light-filled dining room, gazing outside the window at the sun-drenched trees. It's incredibly quiet in this Phinney neighborhood. Someone is barbecuing nearby, and it smells delicious.

There are remnants of green and blue all over our house and Crate & Barrel boxes stacked in the kitchen. We still have loads to bring from each of our houses, and bags to unpack with things that we probably don't have the space for. There's a lot to do.

But I am savoring these days. We keep remembering funny/inspiring/beautiful moments from our wedding day, with the help of Steve's dad, who has started a running list. Photos are popping up on facebook. ;) It's so much fun to set up a home together, and we're shopping around for a bbq and a breakfast nook table for the kitchen. In fact, I'm supposed to be researching these purchases right now. Steve went back to his house to load up his car, and let me stay to do the fun job. He's the best.

I have to take a second to gush about how happy I am to have married the guy you see above. This photo was taken at the top of Whistler, after he picked up his second plate of food at the BBQ buffet (highly recommended by the way). I love this guy.

Steve is already such an amazing husband. He told me the other night that he wants to always get better at being a husband, and I'm inspired to take on that same challenge. I know there will be hard times, and it's my prayer that we can remember that commitment and the joy we feel now, when those times do come. That joy is really hard to explain, but I'm sure that everyone who is married can remember it. It's a deep feeling in your heart, a love for another person, that you know is going to serve you and stick by you...that you've just commited to for life! It's pretty cool. And even though our honeymoon flew by, there's a lot of fun still to come. I can't wait!


  1. such a sweet post rachel! i'm so happy for you to start your life together and can't wait to see your new home!

    can we play this summer? just let me know when you're ready for company!!

  2. oh my this is such a sweet and beautiful post Rachel! I am so happy for you and Steve, congratulations!!
    You are one of the most radiant women I have ever met, inside and out - truly! I have no doubt that you and your groom have such amazing times ahead of you together. Enjoy getting settled in and waking up together, and buying a table and building your life..yes those first months are just the sweetest moments! many blessings to you!

  3. thanks for reminding me of that joy! in the midst of raising an almost two year old and prepping for a little baby, it can get lost! (not to discourage you-- trust me-- being married is the best!) i am SO glad you are documenting these great days and memories here. it will be so fun to look back on. can't wait to see you soon!

  4. what a blessing to read your beautiful reflections, rachel. we are so happy for you and steve and this sweet season of life you are in together! congratulations on your marriage!! you two have a beautiful life ahead of you! love, kristen gough