March 9, 2010

Game Night!

My grandpa's sweet girlfriend, Pamela, had a special birthday last weekend. In honor of her, my cute mom planned a b-day celebration that included games, "just like the birthday parties back in the day." We played on 2 teams: boys vs. girls. Over the course of the night, we earned points for our team by winning rounds of some somewhat unexpected games: drop the clothespin in the vase, put the golf ball into the dustpan, and...CatchPhrase.

{the scorekeeper and party planner}

{the face of disappointment :) }

"ok, so you cook on it...oh and you put your beer on it" counter top...obviously. I swear, he's actually really good!

{goodie bags}

The winners of the night? The boys. They walked away with a gift card and some champagne. Oh yeah, and these cool straws too. ;) I'm not always the biggest "games" fan, but I have to admit--it was a pretty nice little Saturday!

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  1. Is that your mom in the first photo? She is adorable! It officially runs in the family!