March 28, 2010

Last Minute Road Trip

A little trip to Spokane was not in our original weekend plans. But Steve's youngest sister, Marie, was playing in a volleyball championship in Spokane, so on Friday night we decided to make the trek east to watch her. I was promised we could stop for my favorite road trip tradition (candy), and my mom recommended a great place to get burgers on our way. The weather was beautiful as we went over the pass.

Steve perfected the hand motions to "Jenny 867-5309" (he should have had his hands on the wheel if you ask me!) And after my cheeseburger, I napped for a few hours...

Marie's tournament was held at Eastern Washington University in Cheney. Have you been there? No? It's nice. :) After the games, Steve and I had dinner in downtown Spokane, and then met up with Marie at her hotel. Catching up with Marie was an unexpected and lovely surprise. :) Plus, she's an amazing volleyball player!

Sunday morning included morning lattes, more volleyball (Marie's team, Stingray, took 4th place), and a trail run, before saying goodbye.

I had to take a photo of this old car I saw in a junk yard (the color is my favorite). The weekend was short (as always) but great. It was fun hanging out and meeting your team, Marie!

On our way out of Cheney, we noticed that the town holds an annual rodeo on the second weekend of July...

Possible honeymoon spot? ;)

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