December 15, 2009

Our Engagement Shoot

Jamie posted a few of our engagement pictures and we're having such a great time looking through them!  Taking photos was such a fun experience because Jamie made us feel comfortable (even in the 29 degree weather!).  She is a great photographer!

See more photos here (and don't forget to watch the slideshow for even more) :)


  1. Rachel! These pictures are beautiful. Isaiah and I just sat and watched the whole slideshow- he loved them too! She did such a great job of capturing you and Steve. It's so clear you two adore each other.

  2. Rachel, you look SO pretty. I love your engagement pictures. I really like your ruffle top shirt. So cute.

  3. Beautiful! I can't even begin to pick a that she captured you two running though. Rachel, great job on being absolutely stunning in each and every shot!

  4. Love the engagement pictures! You are both so photogenic! So much fun. You will cherish these in years to come.