August 13, 2013

A Shower for Kelsey

One of my long time friends (since 1st grade!) is getting married this December in the wintry wonderland of Leavenworth.  But since her big day will be filled with snowflakes and pine trees, we decided to throw her a summery Farmer's Market bridal shower this July.  Kelsey and her fianc√©, Joe's first date was at Pike Place Market, so co-host Kiley and I decided to use the Seattle icon for inspiration.
We had some help from some of the guests, who brought fresh baked pies and different kinds of cheeses.  We used stained wine crates (from my sister's wedding) for some height, and set the table with flowers from the neighborhood market, fresh produce, fruit, and Mighty-O donuts (easier than going down to the market for the signature fried donuts).
Kelsey's mom brought photos of Kelsey growing up (isn't she the cutest!) and we asked guests to write a message or piece of advice for Kelsey in a pretty notebook.
For favors, we gave out flowers in little vases. 
 Kelsey also opened some amazing gifts.  
One was a handmade quilt from our friend Anna and her mom.  Anna's mom makes the most beautiful quilts, and the designs are always so thoughtful and personal.  This one featured Kelsey's favorite color (emerald green) and a design that looked like a forest of trees.
We had so much fun celebrating Kelsey, and since we hardly ever get to see each other (she lives in Iowa where she is in medical school), it was such a treat to spend time with her.
In fact, it felt like a mini reunion, since many of us have been friends since elementary school.  Here we are with our moms, who used to cheer us on during our rec soccer days, when many of us were teammates (we were "the Ladybugs" and then "the Roadrunners"). :) 
We love you Kelsey and could not be more excited for you to marry the man of your dreams!  You are going to be the most beautiful bride!

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  1. what a beautiful shower...and that quilt is AMAZING. you have such a gift for making things special, i'm sure she felt so blessed and loved. what a gorgeous group of ladies!