May 10, 2013

10 on 10: May

Some quality time today with my little guy.  I ran out of photos, so the last 3 are all from our late afternoon trip to the park.  Happy weekend and happy 10 on 10!


  1. Such a cute smile your little man has! I like how I can faintly see your reflection in the "him & her" photo. Great set.

  2. these are so great! the hat pics at the end kill me. so stinkin' cute! LOVE both of the plant shots too. :)

  3. Oh! Your pumpkin is getting so big. They do that ;) What a cutie! The light in your succulent pic is delicious as is the color and angle of the Popsicle picture. I always adore looking at your pictures, Rachel. You have an exquisite eye!