March 16, 2013

7 Months

Posting on, or even, around Miles's monthly "birthdays" has become a lot harder these days.  Still, I always look forward to reflecting on how our little guy has changed in only a month's time.  
We just love our little Milo.  He's a pretty serious baby, who mostly watches and observes.  When he sets his mind to something (like grabbing that cup you're drinking out of) he persists, and often doesn't forget about his goal, even if you try to distract him.  He reserves his smiles and laughs for special moments like greeting his grandma Ronda when she comes over, or games of peek-a-boo right before he's supposed to take a nap.  While he's not the most enthusiastic cuddler, Miles has started to lay his head on my chest when I sing to him before he goes to sleep.  Those moments just melt me.
This squirmy baby has  been working on crawling for some time now.  He's not quite there, although he can move around the carpet pretty well, mostly wiggling backwards.
And then there's that hair.  Sometimes you see it, sometimes you don't.  One thing's for sure--this boy is fair.  It shouldn't be surprising with both mine and Steve's coloring (I hear that one of Steve's nicknames as a baby was "Casper").
Don't be fooled by those little teeth, which look like they'd be great tools for enjoying a nice chunk of avocado or sweet potato puree.  Miles has yet to truly enjoy eating solid foods.  While I'm surprised, I'm trying to be patient.  Just like all milestones, one day it will click, and before we know it, he'll be going in for seconds and thirds, just like all the Trudelle boys before him.
I am thankful that I've been able to keep up with nursing Miles for this long.  I have to admit, it's been tough to do, now that I'm back at work.  Washing and packing pump parts has become second nature--at least I thought it had--until last Wednesday when I went to a conference in Tacoma, but left some parts at home.  I knew that for Miles's (and my) sake, I couldn't afford not to pump all day, so I looked up the closest Target to the convention center, and left during the lunch break to buy replacement parts.  Of course I spent 15 minutes looking for my car (I thought I was going crazy), and by the time I had bought the parts and returned to my car, I had 10 minutes to get back to the conference.  I decided to pump in the car, while driving, with my cardigan draped across me, my arms threaded through the sleeves.  Luckily the parking attendant who had been there when I had left the convention center was gone (I had planned to just try to avoid eye contact), but the garage was full.  I circled downtown Tacoma, looking for a parking spot.  I finally found one, paid for parking (though the machine wouldn't accept my card until the third try), and made my way back inside, about 20 minutes late.  So much for the luxurious hour long lunch I had planned on.  Oh well.
Because really, this guy, this little worth it. :) Life these days is hectic, but full.  Happy 7th month, baby Miles.


  1. What a cute little man you have! I love seeing your updates and watching how babes grow. We should have a "play date" soon.

  2. He is filling out Rachel! And that pumping story is incredible, I'm glad you recorded it cause mommy brain can certainly make you forget the "joys" of this first year.

    I want another play date too :)

  3. What a handsome little guy! I know it can be hard finding that time to jot down what is going on, but that in and of itself shows where you are at in this experience. LOVE the pics and updates!

  4. That is hilarious that Steve's nickname was Casper. Milo is adorable!