February 22, 2013

Our Pal Silas

Last weekend we spent some time with friends during the annual Hood Canal trip.  It was a small group this year, but we still had a great time.  Silas (the son of our friends, Patrick and Paige) and Miles were the only babies.  It was so fun to watch them begin to notice and interact with each other.  Ok, maybe we forced them to hang out, but that's how friendships are forged, right? ;)
Little Silas is only 3 weeks younger than Miles.  He's beginning to try solid food too, and experimented with carrots and bananas over the weekend.  
Who can resist this little guy's big eyes and long dark eyelashes?  You are such a cutie Si.
On Sunday we brought the boys down to the beach for a mini photo shoot.  They explored the sand and rocks...and that's about it.  It will be fun to see these two grow up, and maybe someday play together or talk sports (like their dads).
Thanks for being our pal, Silas!


  1. This is so cute. I think you should do a photo shoot of Patrick and Steve in the same poses/ faces. Haha. Great pics!

  2. Love the one where it looks like Silas is telling Miles a secret ;)

  3. What an honor.
    I am so excited to our boys to be BFFs. Thanks for taking such fantastic photos and highlighting our kiddos' cuteness.
    (I also think Patrick and Steve should pose)

  4. Seriously! Love. Oh, I miss those guys. Adorable.