January 25, 2013

Friday in the Backyard

Today was beautiful in many ways.  The sun was peeking through, I slept while the baby took his morning nap, and after catching up with a friend,  Miles and I headed out to the backyard to breathe in some fresh air.
He looked so sweet in his overalls from my mom and a new hat, made by the mother of one of my students.  Yes, it's a pumpkin hat, and yes it's January, not October...I just couldn't help capturing this little guy, who is getting pretty close to the 6 month mark.  
I often forget that Miles has a scar running down his neck.  The doctor told us that this might happen--it has become such a part of him that I hardly notice.  Instead I stare into the blue eyes of my little baby and thank God that he's ours.
Miles is getting so strong and spends a lot of time on his tummy.  I have such mixed feelings about him learning to crawl someday.  Milestones are so exciting, but of course they mean that time is passing.  They are reminders to slow down and savor days like today.
I love you little buddy and cherish our Fridays together!


  1. He is getting so big! Beautiful photos!

  2. So wonderful, Rachel. Love this post and your gorgeous portraits of your son!

  3. so thankful that i got to be the friend you caught up with today! i love that precious little boy with his "peaches and cream" complexion ;) You are such an incredible mom!

  4. I love Miles. Pumpkin hat in January and all.