December 4, 2012

Thanksgiving and a Month of Blessings

Portola Valley, California has more miles of trails than miles of roads.  There are also no stoplights.  This is where Steve grew up, and the place we visit each Thanksgiving.  It's always so nice to take a break from the November rain of Seattle and visit a place like PV.  This year, with our baby in tow, we breathed in the fresh air, went on a few walks (Steve ran), and enjoyed quality time with family.  
We were so lucky to stay in the beautiful guest house of one of Steve's friends, Andrew.  It was great to walk through PV with Andrew and catch up a bit.
This little guy has been such a trooper on all of these trips to California (3 in the last two months!). 
On the day after Thanksgiving, I woke up with a fever and a horrible chest cold.  It wasn't the most fun way to round out the weekend, but luckily, with lots of rest (and many helping hands) I started to feel better quickly.
Steve's sister, Laura brought her boyfriend Jesse to Thanksgiving.  What a great guy!  He played with the little cousins, took part in family games...I'd say he fits right in. ;)
Not only am I thankful for a great trip to visit Steve's side of the family, but I'm also filled with gratitude for the ways that I am blessed daily by God's love.  This November, I joined some friends in a project and took a photo of something I'm thankful for each day--a small, or sometimes not so small blessing.  As always, seeking the beauty in daily life is always surprising and humbling at the same time.  How I deserve to live a life filled with such comforts, treats, loving people, and touching moments, I do not know.  I do know that it's so easy for me to miss recognizing these blessings, especially when I'm busy wishing for more control, time, sleep...

Anne Lamott, my favorite author, wrote "Even when, maybe especially when, we don't cooperate, this energy--the breath, the glory, the goodness of God--is given.  Gorgeous, amazing things come into our lives when we are paying attention."   
I know I still have a long way to go in truly understanding how much I've been given, but I'm thankful for months like these.  Here's to a blessed December!


  1. PV looks awesome! And you know how much I've always loved your mosaics...I need to hurry up and post mine!