March 26, 2012

22 Weeks

Is it just me, or does one suddenly become obsessed with stripes once becoming pregnant? I've spotted so many cute striped baby clothes, and even though stripes aren't the most flattering style, I've been loving them for myself too. Oh well, nothing wrong with being a little stripe happy I guess!

How far along? 22 weeks

Baby fact: I read somewhere that the baby's facial features are now distinct. It's amazing to think that we'll see that little face in a little more than 4 months!

Symptoms: Some aches, congestion, feeling more tired lately.

Movement: Off and on, but kicks feel stronger

Sleep: Just so-so. I think "pregnancy brain" (which I have--I was constantly confused about the day of the week last week) is a result of mediocre sleep.

Dreams: Lots of dreams about other people having babies (watch out!)

Cravings: Coffee again! It hadn't really sounded great until now.

Favorite moments: Receiving a sweet card from a student, addressed to "Baby Boy," that read "your mommy macks me happy."

On the to-do list: Choose a pediatrician (any suggestions?)

Looking forward to: Buying some baby gear, and registering soon


  1. Couple of suggestions...pediatrician from Ballard Pediatrics. I've seen quite a few there and I think I've settled on Dr. Timothy Hall...he was great with Wes and so thorough but a lot of them are great!

    Also, have you picked up "baby bargains"? It was a great tool for helping me register and I'm pretty sure you can check it out from the library!

    You are looking so cute at over half way there!

  2. Oh that card from your student is just too precious. That card alone would probably make my whole month shine.

    Congratulations on your wee boy baking. Boys are so much fun!