August 17, 2011


Sometimes I think, if I were to start over with my career, I would learn to be a wedding photographer. Kirk Mastin is one of my favorites, and this behind the scenes video is inspirational.


  1. Thanks for posting this Rachel! I'm happy that it inspires you.

    I think you have a great eye. I just scrolled through your photos and you have some nice work :)


  2. there is still time you would be phenomenal!

  3. i love this. anytime you want to start our business, just let me know. :)

  4. For serious though, you two should take a few weekends and draft a business plan. Identify the obstacles that stand between you and a photography business, punch those obstacles in the nards and do work until all that's left is to take the plunge. It's a disservice, nay, a tragic travesty to neglect the greater Seattle area (and the world for that matter) of your combined photographic perspective. You guys would be so much awesome. Do it. Don't release your dream for the convenience of staying put.