January 13, 2010

100 Push ups

Today my students set a goal to read grade level texts and comprehend them with 80% accuracy. "What if we want to shoot for 90%?" they asked. I was inspired. Then, I saw this. One hundred consecutive push ups in the course of 6 weeks?! I'm doing it.

Really, this may actually be impossible for me. But I think that's why I want to do it. Usually I am not very good at setting fitness goals and sticking to them. I think this one will be different.

Raise your bicep and tricep if you want to join me!


  1. no biceps and triceps raised? weird..

    good luck friend. i'll use my biceps and triceps to cheer you on.

  2. Rachel--

    If I was not in my "current state," I think I would definitely join in. However, it's all I can do to lift Isaiah up and down 100 times a day. Actually, maybe I could do 100 push-ups and I don't even know it =)

    Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow-- and I owe you an email. I'll get right on it!

    Love you!

  3. I can barely do a sit up, girl! haha I really need to get back into shape though. Good luck with the push ups:)