April 6, 2009

Spring Break and Spring Cleaning

Last week was Spring Break for Shoreline Schools, and instead of jetting off to a warm, sunny climate, I decided to stay here. There was a lot of "me" time, but I truly enjoyed my week off. Some of the highlights were:
  • taking classes at my new gym (I love yoga! but more on that at another time)
  • sleeping in
  • morning lattes and cappuccinos
  • splurging and watching EVERY reality show
  • morning coffee with Jenny, Katie, Jane, and baby Wes and baby Isaiah
  • lunch with Mom
  • hanging out with 17 babies (!) at the Children's Ministry class
  • "bux" with Robin and Steve on a sunny Sunday
  • serving food at Bethany's dinner to cheerful diners
  • and....
Spring Cleaning 2009!!!
Yep, I'm pretty excited about it. I am not the most organized girl, but I do love a good thorough cleaning. I attacked my bedroom, and cleaned for days. The best part was going to IKEA and other home organization stores. Usually I buy things to help myself organize, but they sit there, making more clutter. Not this time! Here are some before and after pictures of my room.





I also found this old picture from my senior year spring break at USD:

BEFORE: Spring Break 2006! and... AFTER: Spring Break 2009!

Just a few notes:

...really only 4 words are necessary: pale as a ghost
You may have already heard me say that it's the new cool thing to be pale. It seems like all of the movie stars are doing it to avoid wrinkles and skin cancer. I swear I've even seen it in fashion magazines. Somebody back me up on this??

Isn't it also funny how Steve and I are posing in front of beers in 2006 and in front of a coffee shop in 2009? That does symbolize our change in lifestyle since college. :)

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  1. your room looks amazing! good job on the spring cleaning-- i just attempted some of my own today.

    looking forward to hanging out tomorrow night...