November 29, 2008

It's my first blog!

And the funny thing is that I've been here for over a year (even had my own page), reading about friends and enjoying their life stories. I'm not sure why it has taken me so long to "post" on my own. I love the idea of keeping track of memories and thoughts this way. Last year, I'd often drive home from work with a funny student story running through my head and think, "I should post this on my blog tonight." After moving back to Seattle and feeling so welcomed by my family and friends, I formulated many posts in my mind before bed. Why didn't I write these ideas down? Is there such thing as a fear of blogging?

Probably not. But I do think that life can sometimes get so busy and schedules so crowded that there doesn't seem to be time for documenting it all. Yet, many wise people have said that reflecting on our lives is the key to success and happiness--and I agree! William Wordsworth, a Romantic poet I studied in college, called poetry "emotion recollected in tranquility." For some reason, this illustrates for me the value of not just poetry, but of writing. Our lives are full of emotion that we need to capture somehow. So, I'm going to try to notice more, reflect more and write more...and hopefully overcome my fear. :)

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